Teddy was born 13 weeks early and weighed less than 2.5 pounds. Because Teddy needed specialized surgery only provided at Dayton Children’s, he was transferred from his birth hospital to the Dayton Children’s NICU. There, highly specialized pediatric doctors and nurses provided round-the-clock care for the first few months of his life. Teddy’s parents were there as well, doing all they could to help their precious little boy heal. That included providing skin-to-skin contact, singing him lullabies and responding to his tiny cries. As Teddy grew stronger, he was able to take a bottle, then breastfeed. But all of these intimate, quiet activities took place in the open layout of the NICU environment, which makes complete privacy, peace and quiet very difficult to achieve. “Teddy was so fragile in his first weeks at Dayton Children’s. He had four brain surgeries, and fought for survival,” says Katie, Teddy’s mom. “The nurses told us he was the feistiest baby they’d ever cared for. They really loved him, and supported us all the way.” The new NICU will feature single-family rooms with light, sound and temperature controls, space for families to relax and bond with their baby, and the latest advanced technologies, including high-tech isolettes. This will be an ideal environment for critically ill newborns, like Teddy, to heal.

Our New Newborn Intensive Care Unit

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