NICU baby dressed as superhero

superheroes come in all sizes

Super heroes are everywhere. Sometimes their costumes come in the form of scrubs or a lab coat. They may carry diaper bags instead of utility belts. And sometimes their capes look more like small hospital gowns.

The super heroes we see every day at Dayton Children’s have the power to endure and overcome the toughest challenges, the power to smile when they want to cry, the power to face villains named “cancer,” “diabetes,” “asthma,” and other scary words.

Children’s imaginations come alive when they hear the words “super hero.” Many don’t even realize that they are the real heroes of their stories. That’s why at Dayton Children’s, we dedicate one day every year to showing kids that their powers are just as mighty and their spirit just as courageous as any mere Batman or Wonder Woman.

On Wednesday, January 31, we celebrated our fifth annual Superhero Day to honor all of the heroes who walk the halls of this hospital – the clinical staff whose healing powers cure illnesses and dry tears; the parents and families members who show that love is the ultimate power; and especially the kids, who are the real heroes and teach us a new lesson every day in bravery, determination and strength.

You, too, are a hero. Your powers are compassion, generosity and selflessness. The caring donors who made gifts to our new patient tower didn’t just provide funding – they provided opportunities for our kids to discover their own powers. Your gifts created beautiful, bright new spaces that allow families a safe and comfortable place to stay when their child is ill, and the best new technology that ensures kids receive first-class medical care.

Watch the video below to see how we celebrate Superhero Day at Dayton Children’s!

a superhero sister

Brothers and sisters have a special bond. In Brayden’s case, that bond with his little sister just may have saved his life.

Brooke, 7, woke up to find Brayden, 10, unconscious on the floor. Brayden’s heart had gone into sudden cardiac arrest. Thanks to Brooke’s quick thinking, EMS crews soon resuscitated Brayden. He was admitted into the pediatric intensive care unit in the Dayton Children’s Hospital Wallace Critical Care Complex.

Now, Brayden’s heart is strong again, but his love for his superhero sister is even stronger. Read more about Brayden’s story.

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