Jules was diagnosed at 18 months with medulloblastoma—an aggressive, fast-growing brain tumor. After surgery to remove the tumor, he began chemotherapy to destroy any remaining cancer cells. His course of treatment includes spending four nights at a time at Dayton Children’s—a total of 20 inpatient stays in the first five months of therapy alone.

Jules’ mom, Mardi, took a leave of absence from work to care for Jules full time. “The staff at the hospital is wonderful, and I know I could go home at night,” Mardi says. “But I stay anyway—he is so little, and he likes me to be near him all the time.”

In between his inpatient stays Jules also visits the outpatient clinic multiple times a month to monitor the side effects of his therapy. But if Jules comes in with a fever or another problem that requires admission, his care team must transport him across the hospital to the inpatient unit, a trip that often upsets Jules when he isn’t feeling well.

Mardi knows Jules faces a potentially long, difficult battle against cancer, but she also knows her young son is in the right place for his care. “I never thought about traveling to another hospital for his care,” she says. “Dayton Children’s is only 10 minutes from my home, but more importantly I feel comfortable with Jules’ doctors and the care he is receiving here.”

Children like Jules who are facing a long and complex treatment for cancer or a blood disease need a healing environment that is just right for them. The new Mills Family Comprehensive Care Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders will provide that, with a kid-friendly design that allows our team to provide seamless, integrated care.

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Our new Mills Family Comprehensive Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders

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