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The new patient tower includes spaces that are just right for kids, with a fun theme of “taking flight” that allows their imagination to soar! It’s a theme that is uniquely Dayton, and lets kids take to the skies with a biplane, hum with the hummingbirds and wish upon a shooting star. When kids walk into the new patient tower, they’ll know that this is their hospital–a place that they can feel safe, cared for and loved.

General Pediatrics

Shooting Star

An optimal healing environment for all kids

The new general pediatrics unit will provide the optimal care environment for children recovering from surgery and those receiving treatment for other health issues. It will feature larger, single-family rooms, “smart TVs” for bedside education and entertainment, a family lounge and a dedicated area for inpatient physical therapy. This unit will replace one of our current general pediatric inpatient care spaces, which is located in the most dated space in the hospital. The new unit will accommodate the latest medical technology and allow us to create a more comfortable, healing environment for children and families.


Improving Quality of Care for Kids Like Aubree

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Wallace Critical Care Complex


Life-saving technology and more space for critically ill children

Dayton Children’s provides exceptional care for about 900 children a year in its Wallace Critical Care Complex, which houses a pediatric intensive care unit (for critically ill children) and transitional care unit (for chronically ill children who need close supervision).The new patient care tower will bring these two care units together in one specially designed space. Key features include:

  • 24 large rooms, with enough space for families to spend time together and for an adult to spend the night comfortably. The rooms will increase by at least 120 square feet from the existing spaces.
  • State-of-the-art technology and equipment, such as ceiling-mounted bed lifts to transfer patients more easily.
  • Central monitoring capabilities and sight lines that allow the care team to visualize patients at a glance.
  • Specialized life-saving technology in each room, which allows patients to remain in place even as their care needs change.
  • A healing, home-like environment.


Improving Quality of Care for Kids Like Kenzee

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Newborn Intensive Care Unit


Better outcomes for our tiniest patients

Our new newborn intensive care unit will ensure that the more than 600 critically ill babies who come to Dayton Children’s for care each year will receive the best possible start in life! The new design features all single-family rooms (rather than an open layout), with features that include:

  • Privacy for family bonding, breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact, which promotes healing and growth.
  • More space for the latest advanced technologies, including high-tech isolettes.
  • Light, sound and temperature controls.
  • Accommodations that allow a parent to spend the night in the baby’s room.
  • A new milk lab, ensuring every baby receives optimal nutrition.


Improving Quality of Care for Kids Like Teddy

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Mills Family Comprehensive Cancer and Blood Disorders Center


One location provides continuity of care

Each year, hundreds of kids receive care for cancer or a blood disorder at Dayton Children’s. Treatment can involve multiple clinic visits, outpatient therapies and hospitalizations over the course of months or even years. The new Mills Family Comprehensive Care Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders will provide a fully integrated, child-friendly setting for these patients. Key features include:

  • Children battling cancer or a blood disorder will receive most of their care in one central location.
  • The integrated setting will give families and patients quicker access to all members of the care team, including social workers, physical therapists and child life specialists.
  • The center will have large, single-family rooms that accommodate sophisticated equipment — and provide plenty of space for visitors.
  • Play areas, a teen room and a rooftop activity area will allow patients to interact with each other, their parents and siblings.


Improving Quality of Care for Kids Like Jules

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Main Entry and Family Amenities


A whimsical space filled with awe and wonder

Public spaces in the new patient tower will provide a friendly welcome for patients, families and visitors. Highlights include:

  • Easily accessible outdoor spaces for respite and play
  • Bright, three-story atrium with a lobby and reception area
  • Improved wayfinding
  • Play spaces for patients and siblings
  • Conveniently located pharmacy
  • Family-friendly cafeteria

Images are artist renderings to show the possibilities in the new tower.

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