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Join us Sunday, June 11, from 1-4pm for our community open house

Three years ago we broke ground on our new patient tower in the middle of our main campus. This week we officially opened the doors to this new space that will transform care for kids! Join us on a journey as we look back on the construction of this 8-story patient care tower and check out photos from our recent media event.

Earlier this week, we unveiled to the public our new patient tower to employees, community leaders and patient ambassador families! The new building, with a “things that fly” theme, will transform care for the kids in our region! Check out these awesome spaces in the photos below!

Meet our Dragonflyer! She combines the beauty of a dragonfly that skims over the green fields of Huffman Prairie… and the daring spirit that launched two Daytonians on wings of canvas and wood from the very same spot.

The Dragonflyer is our gift to the children of our community. We humbly serve them but in return they provide us with the inspiration and drive every day to soar higher… think bigger… dream fearlessly… and hope that every heartbeat will bring an innovation to make life better for our children.

After the media event, Dayton Children’s Hospital employees, community leaders and patient ambassador families were invited to enjoy tours of the tower.

Our new patient tower provides many family-friendly spaces including a rooftop Skydeck, three-story atrium with interactive spaces for play, easier access to retail pharmacy and enhanced food services.

We’d love for you to and come see these new spaces for yourself during our community open house this Sunday, June 11 from 1-4 pm! For more information on our community open house click here.

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